Community Advisory Committee

View CAC LogoWhat is CAC?

The CAC ( Community Advisory Committee) is a legally mandated group formed to advise local governing bodies about issues which affect our children in special education.

We are primality composed of parents of special needs children. In addition, our membership includes representatives from the public and private agencies concerned with individual with exceptional needs.

Our function is to serve you through:

  • Parent education and support through workshops, informational meetings, etc.
  • Promoting community awareness and educating the public about individual with special needs. Communication between schools, parents, and related agencies.
  • Program review and recommendations for special education.
    Parent committee members participate voluntarily. Other CAC members are community representatives from various agencies and teachers from the different special education programs.

Meeting Dates and Agendas TBD

What does CAC do? 

  • Meet on a consistent basis
  • Review decisions that impact their children’s education program
  • Decide what training is needed for parents to become better participants in their children’s educational program
  • Provide a forum for parent to parent support and networking

Who is the CAC? 

Representatives from:

  • Colusa Unified School District
  • Maxwell Unified School District
  • Pierce Joint Unified School District
  • Williams Joint Unified School District
  • And...representatives of the Colusa County Office of Education and other interested community members and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can the CAC do for us?

  • View FAQ imageProvide support
  • Networking with other parents
  • Access to school and other staff
  • Child-centered information about resources, programs and legislation

How can I become a part of the CAC?

  • Attend meetings
  • Volunteer for committee work
  • Share information and talents

Can the CAC benefit our child?

Yes! The more you know, the more empowered you become. The CAC provides up-to-date information at every meeting.

Who can attend?

Everyone! All meetings are open to the public-our focus is on individuals with special needs.

Do my ideas count?

YES! Ideas, information, and creative problem-solving are actively encouraged and shared.

View puzzle imageParent Support Activities 

The CAC:

  • Has information available on how to help your child at home and school.
  • Helps you to work with the school so they can do the best possible job of meeting the unique needs of your child.
  • Answers questions about your child’s program and offers support and resources.
  • Allows you to network with other parents who have had similar experiences and can be3st understand your feelings and concerns. This contact can help you understand your child’s disability.
  • Promotes improved communication among families and professional through speakers from various programs.
Download CAC Brochure in English and Spanish.

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