Local Child Care Planning Council

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The primary mission of the Colusa County Local Child Care Planning Council (LPC) is to plan for child care and development services based on the needs of families in the local community.  Through collaboration, planning, training, and advocacy, the LPC will serve as a forum to address the child care needs of all families in the community, for all types of child care, both subsidized and non-subsidized. 

For more information, or for archived agendas, please contact the LPC Coordinator at (530) 458-0350 ext. 10306.

About LPC Membership
Our LPC members are volunteers who care about the issues that impact the children of Colusa County. Members are appointed by the Colusa County Superintendent of Schools and the Colusa County Board of Supervisors. Our membership is composed of consumers, child care representatives, public agency representatives, community representatives, and discretionary members. 

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LPC Member Vacancy - Child Care Provider.pdf

LPC Member Vacancy - Consumer.pdf

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Additional LPC Information & Forms

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- 6-25-19 LPC Meeting Agenda
-11-19-19 LPC Meeting Agenda.pdf
-1-28-20 Meeting Agenda PDF.pdf
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-7-28-20 Meeting Agenda PDF.pdf
-9-22-20 Meeting Agenda.pdf
-11-17-20 Meeting Agenda pdf.pdf
-1-26-21 Meeting Agenda pdf.pdf
-3-23-21 Meeting Agenda.pdf
-5-25-21 Meeting Agenda .pdf

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-11-19-19 Meeting Minutes.pdf
-1-28-20 Meeting Minutes.pdf
-5-26-20 Meeting Minutes PDF.pdf
-7-28-20 Meeeting Minutes PDF.pdf
-9-22-20 Meeting Minutes PDF .pdf
-11-17-20 Meeting Minutes pdf.pdf
-1-26-21 Meeting Minutes pdf.pdf
-3-23-21 Meeting Minutes.pdf
-5-25-21 Meeting Minutes .pdf

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