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Image of heartTo begin your application process online, please complete the 4-page application.

View and print 4-page application here.


For more information on how to apply, call today.

  • Arbuckle: (530) 476-2115 ext. 1          
  • Colusa: (530) 458-2823 ext. 1      
  • Williams:  (530)473-2246 ext. 1
  • Business Office in Colusa: (530) 458-0350

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Required Documents to Complete Intake Application at your Appointment

Please have the required documentation that applies to your family circumstances from the list below to complete the intake application process. You must provide all applicable documentation for every adult in the household: 


  • Most recent W-2’s AND 2019 income tax forms
  • Self Employment Records (quarterly and/or monthly)
  • All wage stubs or year to date income information from all employers from January 2020 to present
  • Dividends, Interest
  • Unemployment income (Form 1099 for previous year and Print Out from EDD for current unemployment
  • Public Assistance/TANIF Notice of Action or Passport to Services Printout
  • Cash or other Assistance (do not include food stamps) 
  • Disability Income (State and/or Private)
  • Child Support Payments (received) 
  • Child Support Payments (paid out)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Alimony (received or paid out)
  • Pensions  

Note: If all documents necessary are not submitted at time of appointment, your application will be incomplete and you will have to re-schedule.

Image of Every Child Matters QuoteProgram Eligibility

Children's Services has programs that serve the children of parents who are working, seeking employment or who are in training.  Subsidized child care is available to families who meet the State's income and eligibility requirements of the California Department of Education Child Development Division or the Federal Head Start/Early Head Start program.

In addition migrant child care eligibility prioritizes:

  • Children who have migrated within one year.
  • Children who have migrated in the past five years.
  • Children whose parents receive half of their income from agricultural related work.