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    Board Agenda

      October 11, 2023,
           Regular Board
                            Meeting Agenda
           to be posted by October 6, 2023

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Superintendent's Message

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County families!

I hope each of you were able to find ways to
relax and recharge over the summer vacation. 
As we begin this new school year, I  feel it is important to address a growing trend in
education – Chronic Absenteeism.  A pupil is considered chronically absent if they miss
10% or more of the total school days in a year, including both excused and unexcused absences.  This number can be calculated by dividing the number of days a student is absent by the total number of days school is in session.  For example, if a student is absent 18 days out of a 180-day school year, they can be considered a chronic absentee as they were not present for 10% of the time.

In 2022, 26.3% of students in Colusa County and 30% of students statewide were chronically absent.  Moreover, on average 8 million students nationwide are chronically absent each school year.  As a result, children are at risk of falling behind academically.  Our youngest learners may be unable to read well by the end of the third grade, and our oldest may find it difficult to finish their courses in order to graduate.  This school year, it is critical that we find it within ourselves to help the students of Colusa County get to and stay in school. 

While some absences cannot be avoided, it is essential to connect with your child’s teacher should an absence occur, in order to keep your child on track with his or her peers.  Each school is its own community, with neighbors and friends coming together to support one another in need.  Do not be afraid to ask for help should you require it, and please know the Colusa County Office of Education is here to offer a helping hand.  I wish all families, school staff, and students a happy start and a successful school year.

Michael P. West - Colusa County Superintendent of Schools

Michael P. West


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