Image of Michael WestMichael P. West
Colusa County Superintendent of Schools
(530) 458-0350, ext. 10365
[email protected]
Colusa County Office of Education
345 5th Street, Suite A
Colusa, CA  95932

The County Superintendent of Schools is an elected official who administers the operation of the County Office of Education.  Constitutional law designates an intermediate unit - the County Office of Education – between the California Department of Education and the school districts in the County to assure the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
By law, every child in California is assured of a quality education.  Local school districts are responsible for providing K-12 education specific to the laws and regulations established by the California legislature and the California Department of Education.

The County Office of Education is committed to assisting the local school districts through direct and indirect services. The County Office of Education provides a variety of services, including fiscal management, curriculum coordination, special schools and programs, health services, and coordination of state and federal projects.

The County Superintendent serves as a facilitator in activities between other governmental and service agencies. Resources of neighboring counties are coordinated in an effort to expand all available services.

The Superintendent works with federal and state legislators to assure maximum funding to provide additional service dollars for the children in Colusa County.

As executive officer and ex-officio secretary to the Board of Education, the County Superintendent of Schools administers all policy set by the County Board of Education.