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The Behavioral Emotional Support Team (BEST) for Students is committed to assisting Colusa County school districts reduce the behavioral and emotional issues that occur on campus by meeting with students either individually or in a group setting.  Various interventions are available by BEST clinically trained staff to improve students' social, academic, and family functioning that can overall lead to stable mental health.

A referral can be made by the School Team, Teacher, Family, or Student by providing a BEST staff member with the name and birth date of the student and ensuring that a consent for BEST services has been completed.

Assessing Level of Need

After a referral has been made, the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire needs to be completed by either the student or the teacher.  BEST staff will then review the measure and will meet with the student to ask additional questions and further assess for intervention needs.  This will ensure appropriate tier placement.

Tiers of Service

Initial placement into a tier is based upon the previous steps, though tier placement can change as a student appears in need of more or less intensive services.

Tier 1 - Mental Health Specialists
Tier 1 includes BEST staff who are Mental Health Specialists.  These staff are available for support anytime during school hours.  Staff will teach students about practical life skills, such social, communication, and coping skills, that will increase one's personal well-being.  These skill interventions can be provided individually or in a group setting.  Staff can also conduct need-based groups targeting specific behavioral problems that are identified by the school district.

Tier 2 - Therapists
Tier 2 includes BEST staff who are Therapists.  These staff can provide additional services such as biopsychosocial assessments and evidence-based therapy practices that can treat a range of mental health symptoms like anxiety, trauma, depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity, and oppositional defiance.  Interventions can be provided individually or with family members.  These staff are also available if a behavioral crisis arises on campus that needs immediate attention and support.

Tier 3 - Behavioral Health
Tier 3 includes BEST staff making a referral to Colusa County Behavioral Health (CCBH) as more intensive services are needed.  BEST staff will assist in scheduling an intake Assessment with CCBH for students/families, and following up with CCBH to ensure the Intake Assessment was attended.  If a student/family chooses not to enter into CCBH services, then the student will be placed into Tier 2 to receive intensive services and support at school.  In these cases, CCBH staff will be available to consult with BEST staff.

Contact Information
Mark McGregor, Children's Program Manager
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Inbox for referrals, general questions, time sensitive inquiries:
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