Transitioning Back

Transitioning Back to In Person Learning

View image of SamWith all the challenges staff and students across the county faced this year, CCOE put an emphasis on sharing successes. There was no bigger success story this year than one from Burchfield Primary School in Colusa. As a first year Special Education Teacher, Samantha Atkinson, and the staff at Burchfield, kept students successful, learning, and included. The California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN) and CCOE collaborated and presented the classroom accomplishments at their End of the Year Innovation Showcase. CAPTAIN was especially interested in Samantha’s ability to implement evidence-based practices with fidelity for both academic skills and all the new and evolving functional expectations that arose with COVID-19 restrictions. Samantha’s program highlights visual supports, social narratives, daily checklists and a least-to-most prompt hierarchy to promote student independence. Check out the presentation to get the whole story.

Image of Burchfield Primary SchoolHere are the highlights:

- School resumed 5 days a week full schedule in April after the following timeline.

  • AUGUST - distance learning
  • OCTOBER - small cohorts for intensive intervention
  • NOVEMBER - elementary school waiver A/B cohorts
  • APRIL - full day 5 days per week
Minimum 20% inclusion
- Many students reached +80% inclusion
- No COVID-19 cases, no exposures, no closure of program!!!!!!!!

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