Administrative Services

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Administrative Services supports the overall mission of the Colusa County Office of Education by providing leadership to CCOE programs and the school districts, and by coordinating educational services that promote the development of children and adults to their highest potential.


Academic Excellence

  • Development of positive activities for student recognition and achievement
  • Development of rewards and incentives for excellence
  • Coordination of competitions which encourage academic excellence
  • Promotion of opportunities for youth
  • Recognition of businesses as partners in education


  • Information to all partners in education about the programs and services that are provided to the children, youth and families in the county
  • Information about bills and initiatives that affect public education
  • Advocacy for reasonable and realistic resources and requirements for accountability
  • Development of effective systems that encourage the exchange of views on issues of common concern
  • Development of a public forum for addressing the priorities of the community relative to public education
  • Development of media contacts and formats

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