Board of Education

Ed Conrado, Cristy J. Edwards, Serena Morrow, Madison Martin, and Brenda Miller

The County Board of Education is a policy-making body for the Colusa County Office of Education. The Board includes persons elected from five trustee areas representing the whole county. 

Responsibilities of the County Board of Education include:

  • Budget approval
  • Policy development
  • Acquire, lease, lease-purchase, hold and convey real property
  • Inter-district attendance appeals
  • District expulsion appeals
  • Instructional materials adoption for County Office schools


The Board acts as the County Committee for School District Organization and is responsible for reviewing and recommending proposals for school district unification, boundary changes and transfer of territory.

Board of Education meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the County Office of Education. The public is invited to attend, and the meeting agenda is available prior to each meeting.


Trustee Area Map
Area 1
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2022 Board Map

Board of Education 2022 Colusa County Board of Education Map