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Colusa County Office of Education - Children's Services
345 5th Street, Suite B. Colusa, CA 95932
(530) 458-0350
Business hours: M-F from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Mission of Children's Services is to promote quality school readiness within the earliest years in collaboration with our community partners.

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Contact one of our Program Service Assistants (PSAs) in your area:

 Image of Patty A  
Patty A. in Arbuckle
(530) 476-2115 ext. 1

 Image of Rocio Rocio in Colusa Children's Center
(530) 458-2823 ext. 1
 Image of Patty V. Patty V. at Williams Children's Center
(530) 473-2246 ext. 1
Image of Ivonne
Ivonne at Williams Children's Center
(530) 473-2246 ext. 2
 Image of Jennifer Jennifer at Children's Services Main Office
(530) 458-0350 ext. 10340

Image of Claudia
Claudia at Children's Services Main Office
(530) 458-0350 ext. 10302


Meet Our Administrative Executive Team:

Image of Vicki Markss
Vicki Markss
Executive Director
(530) 458-0350, ext. 10313
Image of Dolores Gomez
Dolores Gomez
Support Services Division Director
(530) 458-0350, ext. 10315


Donyale Miller
Early Education Services Division Director
(530) 458-0350 ext. 10318
Image of Rosa Talamantes
Rosa Talamantes
Program Accounting Specialist
(530) 458-0350, ext. 10322
Image of Julie Rivera
Julie Rivera
Administrative Program Specialist
(530) 458-0350, ext. 10312